Call for Papers

The submission of abstracts will be refereed and reviewed by ANQ organization of the author’s country or editor of the Technical Committee. All the abstracts and full

papers should be submitted to the editor of ANQ 2019 online by e-mail :
The abstracts and full papers must be in English and formatted according to ANQ guideline, which can be downloaded from link below :

     - Format Abstract (Format & Guidelines of Abstract 2019.doc)
     - Format Full paper (Format Full Paper-ANQ 2019.doc)
     - Presentation Guidelines (Presentation Guidelines for Oral Session-ANQ 2019.doc)

     - Presentation Guidelines (ANQ 2019 - Poster Presentation Guidelines.pdf)

The Key Dates of submission are as follows :
          25 March 2019              Application Open
          30 June 2019                Submit Abstract
          15 July 2019                 Notification Abstract
          20 August 2019            Submit Full Paper
          31 August 2019            Notification Full Paper
          23-24 October 2019     Presentation

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